Midwifery Institute of America is an organization devoted to promoting the gospel of Jesus Christ and providing academic training to women who feel called by God into the ministry of traditional midwifery.

Although we believe that the resident school is the easiest for most students, we have developed our correspondence school for women with family obligations who cannot leave home for a course of study.

The course consists of modules to be completed in the foundational areas of medical vocabulary, anatomy & physiology, nutrition, and skills, in addition to midwifery. Scripture study modules reflect the Christian perspective of the course. There are 22 midwifery modules. Each midwifery module has other foundational modules that need to be done with it, or are prerequisites of it. Further into the course modules in advanced skills, herbs, and pharmacology are also required. A student may pursue any and all of the foundational modules to completion before completing all the midwifery modules. The estimated time to complete a module ranges from 2 hours for modules such as skills to over 20 hours for some midwifery modules. The amount of work required for this course roughly corresponds to 24 college credits. The above average, diligent, full time student should be able to complete the course within two years.

We do our utmost to keep the cost of this course affordable to women called by God to the ministry of midwifery. The tuition for the course is set up in a pay-as-you go system. The initial, enrollment payment is $500.00, and is non-refundable. Upon receipt of a completed enrollment form and this fee, several foundational modules and midwifery modules 1 and 2 are sent to the student, along with a course outline and list of books and equipment needed. We also give instructions on where books and equipment can be purchased. Each month a student sends in her completed work with a payment. She can pay $25 a month, or she can send in $5 for each module completed. A maximum of $1100, including the enrollment fee, will be paid by a student for tuition. As the student finishes modules we will send her more, so that she always has modules to be working on.


Correspondence Course Costs
$ 600.00

$ 900.00
Maximum Additional Tuition
(paid at a rate of $5/module
or $25/month)
Maximum Tuition
Books and Equipment
Maximum Total Cost


Upon completion of the course we will send the student a certificate of completion. This certificate does not give the student a legal right to practice midwifery, but is an acknowledgment of the considerable amount of study that she has accomplished.

If you would like to enroll in the correspondence school Click Here. If you have more questions, please Contact Us.