Midwifery Institute of America is devoted to offering affordable academic training for direct entry midwives. Many of our students are women who want to attend home births in the U.S. Some students are young, unmarried women, but many are women with families, and others are practicing midwives. A significant number of our students are nurses who are preparing to go to the mission field.

We offer two programs of study: a correspondence school and a resident training school. Through each of these plans we offer a course in Basic Christian Midwifery.

*Note: We are not currently running the resident training school. However, you may inquire to let us know your interest.

The institute keeps a registry of busy Christian midwives in the United States who use apprentices. Graduates of our schools can use this registry to seek compatible apprenticeship opportunities. We are also in contact with foreign mission organizations that will allow student midwives to assist at births in their birth centers.

We see a midwife as someone who deeply impacts families. She is a role model to many young mothers, so it is important that she be a godly example reflecting the character of God which stems from her relationship with Jesus Christ. To this end our course also contains scripture studies that teach Biblical principles applicable to midwives and the families they serve.

Do you feel God calling you to be a midwife? Are you a doula who wants to offer more services? Or do you just want to assist family members in birth? Are you a missionary who wants to more effectively help the women you serve? Perhaps we can help you achieve these goals.

For more information visit our correspondence school page.