This section is designed so that students and alumni, as well as visitors to the site can see what other alumni are doing. Many alumni are in the U.S. raising families or practicing midwifery and several are in other countries helping in medical missions. If you are a current student or an alumnus and want some of your information included, please contact us and let us know. The best way to send us updates is through e-mail.


Michelle Hopkins graduated from the correspondence school in July of 2008. She has been working and learning at a medical and birthing clinic in the Copper Canyon area of Mexico. She is working among the Tarahumara Indians who have a high maternal and infant mortality rate. Click Here to read her e-mails.


Sarah Greenwood graduated from the Midwifery Institute of America resident training school in 1997. After graduating she worked among the Yanomamo Indians of the Amazon. Sarah already was already an LPN when she took our course and she was the only nurse in a 200 mile radius when working in the jungle. She married Gary Greenwood, a friend from Bible school, and they both continued to work as missionaries among the Yanomamo until the leftist-leaning government of Venezuela forced them to leave. They are now ministering in Peru and have four children: Isaiah, Havilah, Issac, and Josiah. Click Here to read their updates.