May 2011

Dear Friends,

We are always amazed at how fast time flies. Over 2 years have passed since we have moved to Andahuaylas. Ephesians 5:15 -16 serves as a good reminder to us, “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” Andahuaylas has such a big need for the truth of God to be spread. We don’t know when the Lord will return and it would be very sad to see people left behind.


We are excited to share with you how the Lord is working in lives as well as projects. This last Sunday we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of Abundant Life Baptist Church. It was completely packed out with chairs in the aisle, youth sitting up front around the instruments, and people standing in the entrance way. The nursery had no room on the floor to get around the babies, and the children’s class room had 15 squeezed in. Many gave testimony of how they were saved, how thankful they were that our church existed and how much they were learning by attending. The service lasted 3]1/2 hours! Many more wanted to testify, but we had to stop before the nursery workers lost their sanity. We are fervently praying that the Lord shows us another place to meet and even buy since the Lord has filled our current location.


One of our prayers was just miraculously answered this month. For over a year we have been praying for land to use for summer camp and a rehab center. Each week we set aside one day as family fun day. One time we went driving up a beautiful valley and asked some of the people if there was any land for sale. They wanted to know why we wanted the land. After explaining to them, the chief of the community came back to us the following week saying they had land they wished to donate to us. Since then we have met several times and the property has been marked off at about 8 acres of beautiful country land with trees, a river running through it and 2 small waterfalls! The papers are to be signed really soon. Everyone is excited about beginning this project.


Progress has also been made toward opening a Christian school next March (this is when the Peruvian school year starts). We have met with 3 teachers from our church who want to be involved. Artemio has a property that seems suitable for the school and is willing to rent it to us. Gary has a trip scheduled to go to Lima and talk with Christian schools there about the logistics and the approved curriculums. We hope to put a fish or chicken farm on part of the camp land to help pay the teachers in the school.


Our discipleship group has grown as more are hungering to understand the Bible and be more involved in the church. Everyday someone is showing up at the house with questions. The Thursday night Bible study has also grown not only in number but involvement. Last week after the resurrection message, several stayed after the service to understand how to accept Christ’s salvation. One young mother, who was brought to our house for counsel by her uncle Jorge, has been attending every service throughout the week, even Kid’s club with her daughter. She, Liz, accepted Christ as her Savior and has her whole family commenting about the change that has occurred in her.


So far our team has been discipling most of the adults and youth personally on a weekly basis. However, a group of about 15 have been wanting more than we can give them individually, so we have announced the beginning of our Bible Institute this coming October. Already we have begun contacting pastors and teachers who speak Spanish. Gary has been teaching a seminary course in Caracas, Venezuela every week via internet. It seems to be working well, so we would like to incorporate distance teaching into some classes as well. The church building that we are currently renting is contracted for another year and a half, so we are considering converting it into the Institute after the church pews have been moved into the phase 3 location for the church.


At the end of June we will be leaving Peru for a 3-month furlough and time of reporting to the churches who support us. We are very appreciative to Victor Paez and the church in Caracas, Venezuela, who will be lending us their assistant pastor, Luis Blanco and his family to fill in for us. We are working on getting their tickets bought trying to take advantage of special offers. Fernanda from New Zealand will be here in June and will fill in the music void Gary leaves. There is so much to do before we go; we need your prayers for our health, strength and wisdom.


We have had no visitors this year, and have none scheduled. So if you would like to come for a short visit (preferably 2-15 weeks) in the fall or beginning of next year we would love to have you! Also, if you would like us to visit your church during this furlough please contact us.


Please pray for. . .

1. Neysor - a TV newscaster who made a profession of faith last year after going through a divorce, but needs to grow spiritually.

2. Liz - was suicidal 2 months ago, but has found peace in Jesus Christ. She yearns for the salvation of her 2 sisters and wisdom in her personal family life.

3. Alfredo - continues battling with an alcohol addiction.

4. Rudic, Rosa, and Artemio - School professors interested in serving in the Christian school, but lacking discipleship.

5. Isai - the 10 year old boy, suffering from brain cancer, in hospice care in Cusco with his family.

6. Paul and Kelly - engaged couple recently saved and called into the ministry.

7. Wildo - youth group president and engineering student recently called into the ministry.

8. Jon Carlos - potentially a tremendous leader.

9. Luis Pata High School - for the salvation and discipleship of many. Gary has been given the privilege of becoming the school Chaplin there.

10. Raul - an ex-politician who made his salvation testimony public on the radio.

11. Javier - a leader in his former non-biblical church struggling to know how to help his friends.

12. Our leadership team - Ernesto and Zoraida, Victor and Teresa, Gary and Sarah; please pray for team unity.

13. Needs - church property, camp development, etc.

14. Furlough meetings


Thank you all again for your huge part in the Lord’s work here in Andahuaylas. We are very privileged to enjoy such an involved team. Please feel free to send us any prayer concerns that you might have as well.


In Christ and Content,

Gary, Sarah, Isaiah, Havilah, Isaac, and Josiah Greenwood


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Galatians 6:14 But God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.


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Dear Friends, October 2010

Greetings from Andahuaylas, Peru. These last two months have seen little steps of progress made in the lives of individuals, leadership, and organization of the church. In Psalms 37:23, it says, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and
he delighteth in his way.” We are trying not to run on our own wisdom or ideas, but advance as the Lord leads.

At the end of August we had Rafael Ramirez, a pastor friend from Venezuela, here for a week of special meetings. We really put him to work as he met with our teens in the afternoon and the adults in the night. Rafael is a very dynamic speaker and very
to-the-point about what God wants us to do. Many personal decisions to follow Christ and leave past sins or habits were made. Three professions of salvation were made and three were baptized that weekend. We are very thankful that God provided the funds to allow Rafael to visit us.

The special week of meetings was the kick-off for regular weekly meetings with our teens. Gary has placed Ernesto in charge of the teens with us assisting and backing him up of course. We meet Saturday evenings and average 10-15. We are organizing a list of personal reading, questions to answer from a discipleship book, scripture memory, and Christian service that each one can do; and then when we meet the following week wecan review together. Just last week 6 teens went with Ernesto to a 3-day conference held by a church in Cusco. They came back very excited and 4 gave their first testimonies in our church service of what they had learned. Please pray for them and Ernesto.

Kids Club continues now under the direction of Victor with our prodding and ideas. By dividing the responsibilities of the church, Gary is given a little more time to fit everything into his schedule as well as encouraging Ernesto and Victor to grow as leaders. We all work together in each function but have different roles. Please pray for the Kids Club. The majority of the children who come are not from families who attend the church. We are praying for a way to reach the parents and invite them in.

Fernanda has returned to New Zealand to raise support to come as a full-time missionary and work with us here in Andahuaylas. We were so encouraged by how God crossed our paths, and how well we work together. She hopes to be back here by April if not sooner. She has left a big hole in our church as everyone misses her especially the teen girls. Please pray for her return.

Gary and I were asked to judge an English contest between 4 of the public schools from Andahuaylas. It was a musical contest and through it we were again reminded of the great need our town has for a Christian school and musical training that honors God. To start a school is a huge undertaking but we are sure God will open the doors in His time. Please begin to pray for this ministry as it will need a location, good teachers, and a lot of funding.

Last month Gary taught a course on Biblical Judaism at the seminary in Cusco. It was a lot of work for him to get together but in the end he was glad for all he had learned and the positive feedback from the students.

During his 2 weeks away, the container that we have been waiting for since March finally got released from Lima and sent to the jungle. It stopped in a city 3 hours from here so we could get our few things off. Ismael from the church, who has a cattle truck, and Victor went with me and the baby to collect. We had to leave in the middle of the night and Ismael was so tired from a long day of loading logs for his saw mill, that I ended up driving most of the trip on the terrible mountain road. But God protected us and we even enjoyed the trip despite the tiredness. Our children were very happy to receive the clothes they had been waiting for, Gary his used motorcycle, and the filing cabinets have made my office life much easier. Thank you to all who had a hand in giving or praying those items here.

Havilah, Isaiah, and Issac Greenwood Oct 2010

Josiah Greenwood Oct 2010

Please pray for several individuals from the church:
• Isai, a boy of 10 who has a brain tumor that needs to be removed quickly.
• Jon Carlos, a newly saved teen who has decided to leave his rock band and friends to follow Christ.
• Juan Carlos and Bridget, newly married in the Catholic church for family pressure but returning to our church.
• Alfredo, a newly baptized father and husband wanting to grow and leave his struggle with alcohol.
• Carlos and Julia, a struggling couple.

Thank you all so much for being a part of the ministry here and upholding us in your prayers and with your finances. God is blessing and will continue to do so as we follow Him.

Partners together,
The Greenwood Family
Gary and Sarah
Isaiah, Havilah, Isaac, and Josiah
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Peru address:
Gary & Sarah Greenwood
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August 2010

Dear Friends,

So much is happening, it is hard to find time to write. But today, I am sick in bed, so I have the excuse to work on this letter to you all. I will pick up where I left off in the last letter because several things have happened.

The young man caught stealing, Juan Carlos, accepted Christ as his Savior after his meeting with Gary. He was then baptized that weekend and has continued to attend Bible studies. The family who he was caught stealing from dropped the charges to give him a second chance.

The baptismal picnic had over 70 in attendance. Two young men, Americo and Jon, who had recently started to attend, were baptized as well as Ana and Maruja who have been with us from the beginning. We had a lovely day of fellowship and bonding. Since then we have not had an evening service with less than 60 persons.

The Wednesday night Bible studies have been received with enthusiasm. Over 25 people are attending and our particular group sometimes lasts over 2 ½ hours. The people are so full of questions and eager to learn. Wilfredo and Luisa who host our study in their home have especially been growing. Luisa gave a testimony in our last lady’s meeting of how their home was falling apart when the Lord had our paths cross when we came and rented the building from them where we now meet for church. Wilfredo and their youngest daughter attended regularly but Luisa held back due to her background and prejudice toward non-Catholics. But she couldn’t help but see the change in her family and marvel at the personal applications her daughter was relating to her from the lessons she had learned. Soon, Luisa started to study her Bible, apply what she learned, and regularly attend the church services. Last week when the two older children returned from college on a break, they related to us how shocked they were to find peace in the home and both parents attending church together. God is good!

The men we asked prayer for who were struggling with alcohol are doing better. The marriage counseling couples seem to have taken a step backwards but are still in touch with us. Juan and Briget have stopped coming to church since their family threatened to stop supporting them if they weren’t married in a Catholic Church. We have been able to continue showing our love to them by babysitting their son and helping them with a move and house remodeling.

We have a new member on our leadership team, Fern Pannell from New Zealand, who is here on a three month trial to see if the Lord would have us continue to work together. She has been a great help with the teen girls and preparing for VBS. We are especially grateful that she has come with her own support.

Most of you don’t know that Victor and Ernesto’s families are living solely off our support. We had hoped that the church offering would cover more of the expenses by now. Though it has increased greatly it is still not enough for all the programs running. So we have explored several “tent making” ideas for the two families to relieve the pressure for all of us.

In Venezuela, Carlos was left with the property that had an avocado orchard and a chicken barn. With the money from those produces and support from his home church in Caracas, he has been able to continue serving the church we left in Gavilan and has started 4 other services in different villages. Here, we have been looking for reasonably priced land. A friend from church showed us a lot that was easily accessible and 3 times cheaper than the lots around it. There is a small house and fenced in barnyard that could immediately be used to raise chickens or guinea pigs (a real delicacy in these parts). But the most special thing is that it contains a spring with a high quality of water that could be used for a fish farm. This is a low maintenance, high return endeavor that would provide work for Victor and Ernesto to replace the salary they receive from us. Ernesto would like to buy the part of the lot that contains the house from us to have something secure for his family. We are asking for you all to pray with us that if it be the Lord’s will He provide the funds needed to buy the land and set up the fish farm.

We just completed four days of VBS that were used as an opener for a weekly kids club program to be held Saturday mornings. We averaged 40 children ages 6-12. A group of 7 from the Bible school in Urubamba have been here all week to help us with all the work. They have done a great job, but we will need a lot of help replacing them for the following Saturdays.

In three weeks we will have guest speaker Raphael Ramirez here with us for a week of meetings on salvation. Please be in prayer for good attendance and for clarity in the messages. The majority of our attendees come from a works salvation background thinking they will get to heaven for having changed their lives, or attending a church regularly.

Also pray for Marialena an abandoned teen that has moved in with us. She is not yet saved, but has been attending the church services. She is also in need of a good job, which we are trying to help her find.

Two of our children are waiting for their visas to be completed. Our lawyer should tell us next week that all is ready. Then we will need to travel to Lima to finalize the process. Please pray that all goes smoothly.

We are so grateful for your faithful support in ministering together with us. God is at work here and we are so happy.

Blessed because of Christ,
The Greenwood Family
Gary and Sarah
Isaiah, Havilah, Isaac, and Josiah
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June 2010

Dear Friends,

How time flies! This year is half over and every week we are surprised at how fast Sunday comes around. I am reminded of Ephesians 5:15-16 which says, “See that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” There is so much to do, we try to use every hour wisely.

In May we enjoyed a visit from Pastor Bob Kirkland, Chynna and Caleb Vansickle of Sarnia, Ontario. They encouraged us with stimulating conversation, helped with painting projects and invited many people to church. They also assisted us with a church picnic and baptism of Jorge and Wildo. A few days after they left, a group of seven musicians from Virginia came and put on a classical/sacred concert. We so enjoyed their visit and were sad to see them go.

Here in Andahuaylas the majority of the people consider themselves Catholic and are very reserved about having anything to do with us since we are from one of those “other” religions. We have had to build personal relationships in weekly visits, phone calls, dinner invitations, soccer or volleyball nights, and other ways of service in order to gain trust and a platform to share what a personal relationship with Jesus Christ means to us. For a while we had felt a bit of a slump for want of new contacts. The concert presentation brought 300 people into our circle. A personal invitation to our church was given to all who attended as well as a prayer card to list prayer requests of comments, or request a visit from the pastor seeking more information on the church and how to receive Christ as ones personal Savior. Eighty forms were filled out and given to us to follow up on. Gary, Ernesto, and Victor have been busy for 3 weeks searching for houses indicated (which can be very time consuming as many roads are not labeled) and visiting with the people. We have had seven new visitors at church related to “concert contact” as we call it.

Within the church growth is contagious. We are seeing neighbors being invited, cousins and boyfriends being brought in and others sent to us for counseling. Just tonight a family from the church sent Jon, a teenager, to us for counsel as he had been caught stealing from their property and is awaiting sentencing. He is also struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. He was very receptive to the counsel and explanation of salvation Gary gave him. Jon left with a reading assignment and agreed to come back tomorrow to talk some more.

Our schedule continues to fill up the days of the week. Wednesday night Bible studies have been started dividing into three groups to study the book of 1 Corinthians. Another baptismal is scheduled for this Sunday. Three days of VBS for the children are being planned for the end of the month. And the monthly ladies Bible study continues analyzing the fruit of the Spirit. More than10 people are being met with weekly for a personal time of study. And a monthly teen meeting is being started. Plus everyone who attends the church regularly or sporadically is visited at least once a week.

Please pray. . .

For us as leaders to have wisdom and discernment,
For Juan, Jon and Alfredo struggling with alcohol addictions,
For Juan, Briget, and Neysor seeking marriage counseling,
For the establishment of a Christian school needing teachers and a building,
For the completion of the church remodeling,
For a suitable house for Ernesto’s family to rent or buy.

We thank all of you for your faithful support for giving to the ministry here. Your prayers and giving have made all that happens here possible. We are glad to share in this labor together for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom.

Blessed because of Christ,

The Greenwood Family
Gary and Sarah
Isaiah, Havilah, Isaac, and Josiah

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May 2010

Dear Friends,



Greetings from Andahuaylas, Peru!





Psalm 89:1 says, "I will sing of the mercies of the LORD forever; with my mouth will I make known Thy faithfulness to all generations." We as a family have to echo these words and add a hearty "AMEN." God is so good to us!




Our sweet family of four children gives us such joy! Isaiah continues to progress in his schooling and is quite the people person, talking with all the neighbors and inviting them to church. Havilah is growing more confident in her Spanish and likes to help in the kitchen. Issac is making big progress in potty training and has also started to talk in both languages. Little Josiah, at three months, is still the happiest baby we know. He rarely cries and is very content to sit in his chair watching the activity of the family around him. We thank the Lord for good health and safety.






We so like our new home! It is cute and cozy though nothing compared to American homes, and has plenty of room. My mother described our living conditions as "camping." Gary is so happy to have an office to spread out in. We even have a guest room to house whoever wishes to come down. One comical thing about the house is that the second story was built by short people in mind. The doorways are only 5 feet tall and the ceilings 6' - 2". We have both hit our heads several times on the door frames and have to dodge the light bulb in the middle of the room. Our yard which came to us as a corn patch has been harvested and we just had it planted with grass. Alfredo who attends church and helps us do projects around the house could not be convinced to spread seeds and hay. He assured us the only way grass is planted here is by digging up cuttings from an existing yard and planting them every few inches in our yard. This took us a combined effort of a week. Though, if it goes well, it will spread faster that starting from scratch.






We really liked our pickup truck. It was great for all the moving and construction we were doing. But after prayerfully considering the pros and cons of selling our truck we decided to sell. The day after praying, a man knocked on our door asking if we were interested in selling the truck. So we sold it to him, and that same evening Gary and Isaiah got on a bus and took the 22 hour trip to Tacna, a city on the border with Chili, where used vans are unloaded when imported. They found one quickly with the help of another missionary. It took them 3 days to drive home due to the long distance and a road block. But God protected them through it all. With the extra money from selling the truck, we were able to fix up the house some more and get a few big projects done on the church building.






Many who attend the church have expressed an interest in learning more. Gary meets with four men a week, as well as twice a week sessions with six university students. Victor and Ernesto also meet with some men. I have once a month Bible studies with some women of the church, and once a month we get together to play volleyball. All is going well and we are excited by the growth.






The remodeling is almost done! The outside has been patched and painted. The sign has been hung. The classroom and nursery are getting the finishing touches this weekend, leaving only the floors to be dealt with. The church body continues to grow a little at a time. Each week a new visitor comes and usually returns though not consistently.



Family Conference:



This week we are having a family conference with missionary Keith Brock speaking. Our first night we had nine visitors and twelve people stayed afterwards to hear the plan of salvation. Six made professions of faith. One couple who had come for the first time left in tears saying this counsel is exactly what they needed and they hope never to miss another service. Another lady visitor was heard saying the preacher was better than a psychiatrist. Another regular attending family told us they were going out all day Monday inviting friends because others need to hear and receive help from God.






It excites us so much to see contacts that we have been working with for so long come out to church, wake up to their spiritual needs, turn to Christ, and then invite friends. Thank you so much for being a part of the ministry here by your prayers, financial support, and encouraging notes to us. God is blessing His kingdom growing!


In Christ,


The Greenwood Family


Gary and Sarah


Isaiah, Havilah, Isaac, and Josiah






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